To put it straight to the point: My english is not really good – BUT I am able to communicate with you. Up to now, I have always been able to understand my English speaking guests and they have been able to understand me. Most of the time at least… ­čÖé
Anyway, I have put together the most important facts of my website, and translated it into english. Here we go:

To my English speaking guestsAbout me
I am a sensual, sensitive and gentle woman.
Tantra is a way of life for me, a journey of exploration to yourself – a way to deep love, affection and freedom. I learned the Tantric Massages from the renowned tantric Master Dirk Liesenfield (, who has already published numerous instructional DVD ’s .

Through these wonderful, sensual massages I truly discovered my sensuality and my „being a woman“. I also discovered in me a great gift – to use my body and my hands in the service of sensuality. Every massage and every encounter is very special for me because every moment and every person with whom I come into contact, is very special .

The tantric massages
With the help of my heart and my hands, you will sink into a cozy sensuality. You’re off on a journey to yourself – far away from the daily stress and the hustle and bustle of the world. You will meet in the tantric massage your own magnificent universe and will experience love, warmth and peace.

In the tantric massages every part of your body is involved . From head to your feet – even and especially your intimacy area if you wish. ( Lingam massage = intimate massage of the man or Yoni Massage = genital massage of the woman) . You will feel the sensuality , the security, the beauty of Tantra – the beauty of yourself. tantric massages really are a work of art for the senses and a revelation of your self.

So just to make it clear: A tantric massage is a very erotic massage – but it is not an invitation for „more“ in the sense of mutual touching or sexual acts .
I am looking forward to touch your body and your soul.
You can enjoy a massage either at my place, or I can visit you in your hotel room.

The massage rooms are located in Berlin Friedrichshain:
Carmen Arndt
Boxhagen Strasse 39
10245 Berlin (route planning)

It is necessary to make an appointment.
You can do this by phone:
+49(0)30/39 20 20 60

Sometimes when I am not at home, you can call me on my cell phone.
If I can not answer it, you may also leave a message:
+49(0)178/400 41 42
(Initial contacts via SMS, I do NOT answer in principle!)

And of course you can also contact me by email;
For questions, comments or to schedule an appointment:
Send an EMAIL to Carmen

(all times are total times including showering and conversation)
Tantric Massage without Massage (without Intimacy-Massage)
I recommend this to people who might be a little unsure and do not want to be touched at their private parts1.5 hours = 120,- Euro
2.0 hours = 160,- Euro
2.5 hours = 200,- Euro
3.0 hours = 240,- Euro
3.5 hours = 280,- Euro
4.0 hours = 320,- Euro
Tantric Massage with Massage
This I recommend to people, who want to enjoy
the complete tantric experience – very sensual and tender
at the same time
2.0 hours = 190,- Euro
2.5 hours = 240,- Euro
3.0 hours = 290,- Euro
3.5 hours = 330,- Euro
4.0 hours = 380,- Euro
Prices of the Prostate-/ Analmassage
The prostate- / analmassage may be booked in addition to every massage starting from 2.5 hours30,- Euro in addition to the regular price
Hotel Visits
Starting from 2.5 hours, I will visit you in your hotel in Berlin.150,- Euro in addition to the regular price